The Culinary School Villa Retiro by Fran López will open this coming September 2016. Dedicated to chefs who have finished their studies and accredited professionals who wish to broaden their education, discovering the reality of a high-level restaurant.

The knowledge acquired by our students of the Culinary School Villa Retiro by Fran López are not only related with specific cooking abilities and techniques.Our students will improve their management and leadership abilities, strategic planning and other skills that make a a chef a real leader.

The VISION of the Culinary School Villa Retiro by Fran López is to become a global prestigious benchmark within the culinary field

The mission of the Culinary School Villa Retiro by Fran López is to advance into culinary knowledge and transmit it to their students and prepare them with the cognitive tools needed to influence the world of the Food and Beverage of the 21st Century. The school is dedicated to providing students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery, with the intellectual and emotional support of the lecturers. It seeks to develop in each member of the school community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively in favor of gastronomy and catering.

Fran López Gilabert

He was born in l’Aldea in 1983. This young chef has hospitality tradition printed on his DNA, as he is the fourth generation of hoteliers.

Raised inside the kitchen, Fran’s cooking interest was increasing steadily, until at the age of 16 he went to join the prestigious Hofmann Culinary School. Three years after, and already prepared to be a great professional, he decided to carry on his education and moved to Paris.

Chef Fran López

Master in gastronomy and kitchen leadership

  • You will become an expert in cooking technique, fluent in advanced culinary applications.
  • You will be familiar with national and international gastronomic cultures as well as traditional and modern techniques.
  • You will get to know culinary properties and their applications in a variety of products.
  • You can adapt to a variety of Food & Beverage business models
  • You will have a team of faculty professionals.
  • You’ll have in your hand high technology and modern facilities.
  • We will develop your personal and professional skills: creativity, leadership, passion
  • You will give a qualitative leap by prestigious training. Real hands-on practice at Michelin Star Restaurant Villa Retiro.

The Master will begin in September 2016 and it will end in June 2017 when it will start the Internship Program. The classes will be given from Monday to Friday during the six first months and from Monday to Saturday during the last three months.

There will be a 1600 hours in total divided by 40 weeks. With three weeks of vacation spread over Christmas and Easter.

Product, Culinary Techniques and Fine Cuisine (1000 hours – 40 ECTS)

  • Cooking Techniques
  • Sautés and Elementary Kitchen
  • Broths, Gravies and Fowl Creams
  • Fish Fumet, Vegetable Broth and Seafood Sauce
  • Vegetables and its Applications
  • Vegetable Stew and its Application
  • Long Cooking Meats
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Short and Medium Cooking Meats
  • Vacuum Cooking
  • Rice
  • Pasta and Dough
  • Decorations, Chips, Dehydrated
  • World’s Bread
  • Eggs and Sauces
  • Texturing y Modern Cuisine
  • Nitrogen, its Use
  • Air, Mousse, Spheres

Apart from these main subjects, there will be other areas to be covered such as traditional cooking, machinery, conservation, preparation an cleaning, use of thickeners, leavening, jellies, baking, smoked and salted, innovation, creativity and new trends among others. The level of difficulty will increase from one week to another.

Gastronomic Culture (120 hours – 6 ECTS)

  • Culinary and Gastronomy History
  • Traditional vs. Modern Cuisine
  • Development of the Senses
  • Chemistry and Gastronomy
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Tasting and Food Pairing
  • Mediterranean Diet

Sommelier and Enology (120 hours – 6 ECTS)

  • Sommelier
  • Fine Dinning Service
  • Elaboration of Wine

Kitchen Management and Leadership (260 hours – 12 ECTS)

  • Kitchen Management, Performance and Menu Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance Management, Cost Control and Pricing
  • Human Resources, Safety and Hygiene, Work Hazard and Work Training
  • Leadership and Food & Beverage Business Models, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Design, Marketing and Emotional Intelligence

Industry Project (100 hours – 6 ECTS)

The student will develop a cuisine focused on business of their interest. The contents:

  • Definition and concept of the establishment.
  • Marketing and business plan.
  • Human resources applied.
  • Kitchen characteristics and design
  • Products, techniques and machinery to be used.
  • Recipes, pricing and nutritional value.
  • Presentation of the project / Create the menu.

Master classes

Given by national professional reference awarded with Michelin Stars 2 or 3 sector.In these classes they will share their view of the kitchen, show their art methods have been developed and all that makes them unique in the world of gastronomy. In addition, monographic classes of specific products and their application in the kitchen both outside and inside the school will be made. These classes include visits to producers, wineries, farms, livestock, rice production centers, meat, fish, foie, dairy, etc ..


Taught by 2 or 3 Michelin Stars awarded professionals. In these seminars will share their point of view, will show their development and all that makes them unique in the world of gastronomy.

Internship (600 hours – 20 ECTS)

Upon completion of the master, and depending on the development of the student during the period at the Culinary School Fran López, the student will have the opportunity to do internships at Michelin Star restaurants.

Language (60 hours)

  • Kitchen related.
  • Leadership related.
  • There will be Spanish lessons in case any student needs any assistance.

The students will have 75% of hands-on practice that will allow developing their skills, kitchen techniques both traditional and modern and product knowledge.

The overall methodological framework:

  • Presentation of weekly / daily plan.
  • Lecture about the product: origin, handling, cooking properties, nutritional, etc.
  • Culinary techniques applied to the product.
  • Cooking, ‘plating’ and tasting.
  • Analysis and sharing.

In addition, students will have exercises and tasks to perform in teams and on their own.

There will be an initial appraisal to determine the knowledge and skills of the students, therefore specific objectives will be set for each individual in order to achieve their best.
In addition to being evaluated on an ongoing basis, the student will have the opportunity to be reviewed several times both by professionals and real customers.

The faculty team includes professionals who have participated in Michelin Star restaurants, and a group of experts from different sectors such as nutrition, health and safety, producers, agronomists, winery, finance, business, etc.

  • Theoretical Training 500 hours / 24 ECTS
  • Practical Training 1000 hours  / 40 ECTS
  • Industry Project 100 hours  / 6 ECTS
  • Internship 600 hours  / 20 ECTS
  • Master Overall 2200 hours   / 90 ECTS
Dossier for international students


  • Prior degree in gastronomy or 2 years previous experience working as chef
  • Classes will be held in Spanish
  • Essay in Spanish

The following documents should be sent via e-mail:

  • Application Form properly completed, signed and dated.
  • Passport photocopy.
  • Diploma or certificate of studies.
  • Employment history certificate.
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • Essay in Spanish.
  • 2 passport size photographs.

*Original documents will be presented to the admission office at the beginning of the academic course.

Upon receiving the documentation and its evaluation by the admissions office, a response of acceptance or rejection will be sent, as appropriate.

After receiving acceptance response by the admission office, there will be a period of one week in order to make the payment by bank transfer. The transfer receipt copy should be e-mailed.

A letter of acceptance will be sent. This letter is necessary to apply for the student visa, if required.

Together with this letter a welcome package with full details will be sent.

In most countries student via application may be submitted at the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate where details will be given for any particular situation.

Villa Retiro Culinary School or its representatives have no jurisdiction over decisions concerning visa application. The relevant Spanish authorities make all decisions.

Dossier for national students

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