Discover the Ebro lands

The Hotel Villa Retiro is located amidst a unique setting, ideal for bringing together different areas for leisure activities and adventure. On the one hand we have the Ebro Delta Natural Park UNESCO protected with unique species on the planet and an endless list of places to visit and photograph.

The Ebro river itself, constitute an area with many places and cities found on the riverbed of the same. Water sports such as canoeing or crewed boat ride with guide will present our customers the good natural that undoubtedly we are proud.

The Via Verda is a route of more than 40 Km (which is being expanded to more than 100 Km) through which you can walk or bike, passing through places of unimaginable natural beauty. Miravet Templar Castle, the Caves of Benifallet, the Cathedral of Tortosa, l’Assut, the mountain of Beceit, wineries of Terra Alta, etc.

We could fill pages and pages with all the possibilities in activities around us, but we invite you to know them. Below are some links to external companies with whom to contact to organize your getaway adventure, activity or visit.

Cathedral of Wine

The Cathedral of Wine is the architectural monument where the winery Pagos de Híbera is located. It is located in the town of Pinell de Brai, in the O.D. Terra Alta and it is here where our wines are made with authentic Mediterranean character.

Pagos de Híbera

The brand Pagos de Híbera has four different lines of wines, always red and white, from very different categories. We have a young wine, the Modernista; a semi-vintage wine, l’Indià; a vintage one, the Gamberro and a mistela, the Gamberrillo. The wines can be purchased in the cellar or in the online store in crates of 6 bottles.

Ebro Delta

The Delta Nature Reserve is one of the most extensive wetlands of Mediterranean Europe. The Ebro Delta offers a setting of incomparable, unique and singular nature. A landscape of a great biological wealth that brings together a diversity of flora and fauna, invaluable.

With its 320 km2, it is the largest of the catalan lands aquatic habitat and represents an enclave of vital importance in the wetlands of the Mediterranean. Its biological richness contrasts with the deep humanization and agricultural transformation of a large part of its surface. Its importance is recognized internationally by top specialized agencies. Undoubtedly, the possibilities are endless in the Delta del Ebro: routes with boats, unique photographic landscapes, ornithological sightings, sports and adventure.

Delta Tourist

Castle of Miravet

Miravet Castle, an imposing fortress surrounded by a wall of 25 meters high that seems to emerge from the rocks and situated on a hill overlooking the course of the Ebro and the surrounding land. Its strategic position has made that happen settlements there since prehistoric times and has given it an important role in various conflicts.

Still today you can see part of the structures of the Andalusian fortress on which the Templar castle was built immediately after the conquest of these lands by Ramón Berenguer IV. The castle was donated to the Order of the Temple who became the seat of the Templar province of Catalonia and Aragon, during what would be the period of greatest power and splendor of the history of Miravet. The end of this stage also meant the most dramatic episode in its history, with a siege of more than a year, which preceded the disappearance of the Order of the Temple.

Visit the Castle

Caves Meravelles

With its slow drip, seepage water loaded with carbonates, have resulted in fascinating formations of mysterious beauty that surprise the visitor. This is a set of six caves, two of which are enabled for tourist visits: CaveTwo and Cave Meravelles. The first has a distance of 253 m, with a height of 12 m. It is remarkable the large room in which we find formations as columns and pennants. The Meravelles cave, discovered in 1968, has a distance of 510 m along which you can see abundant stalactites, stalagmites and huge columns.

Caves Meravelles

Picasso Center

The painter Pablo Picasso visited twice Horta de Sant Joan, the 1898 and the 1909. It was not too long stay but profitable for pictorial creation. In fact, it was in this population of Terra Alta where Picasso began the artistic movement of Cubism, inspired by the square shape of the imposing rocks of Benet. To preserve and promote the legacy the Malaga painter left in this county, the Picasso Center exhibits facsimile reproductions of almost 200 works in the two rooms the artist made to the villa and also other paintings in Barcelona or Paris, but inspired by the landscape of Horta de Sant Joan.

Centro Picasso

Tortosa Cathedral

Tortosa Cathedral is one of the remarkable examples of Catalan Gothic. Here, according to some historians, he had been a Roman temple, later a Visigoth basilica and, during the Saracen expansion, a mosque. After the Christian conquest, a Romanesque cathedral, which would be the most immediate preceding the current Gothic cathedral was built. it was initiated by the apse, the fourteenth century and completed by the baroque facade of s. XVIII.

The Cathedral holds the title of Basilica. The exterior apse, the ambulatory with double ambulatory, the presbytery and three naves clearly stand out for its elegant, refined and even technically daring Gothic style.

The Bishop Arnau de Lordat solemnly laid the first stone in the middle of the apse on 21 May 1347. The Bishop morellano Gaspar Punter consecrated the Gothic cathedral 1597. It is estimated that construction, as we know it today lasted 412 years.

Visit Tortosa

Swims between Red Tunas

You could immerse yourself with the biggest tuna in the world and enjoy exciting moments with the five senses. The experience goes by the port of Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona) aboard a modern and innovative catamaran designed exclusively to meet the highest standards in comfort and safety.

The coastal landscape of the Costa Dorada and the Delta del Ebro, a unique beauty, accompanies us throughout the trip to the pools bluefin tuna Balfegó, located 2.5 nautical miles (nearly 5 kilometers) from the coast. Once you moored in the pools, a professional team explain the process to be possibly one of the best adventures of your life: swim among hundreds of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean.

During the trip you will discover the history and fishing of the red giant through an audiovisual specially created for it and when you go back you can see a video how is the marketing process tuna in Balfegó through traceability. And finally reaching port, you can delight savoring one of the most appreciated in the world gastronomic pleasures. For more info click on the photo.

Tuna Tour

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