Castle of Miravet

Miravet Castle, an imposing fortress surrounded by a wall of 25 meters high that seems to emerge from the rocks and situated on a hill overlooking the course of the Ebro and the surrounding land. Its strategic position has made that happen settlements there since prehistoric times and has given it an important role in various conflicts. Still today you can see part of the structures of the Andalusian fortress on which the Templar castle was built immediately after the conquest of these lands by Ramón Berenguer IV.

The castle was donated to the Order of the Temple who became the seat of the Templar province of Catalonia and Aragon, during what would be the period of greatest power and splendor of the history of Miravet.
The end of this stage also meant the most dramatic episode in its history, with a siege of more than a year, which preceded the disappearance of the Order of the Temple.


In addition to the castle, Miravet is a walled citadel with buildings on different levels. Its forms are forceful and austere and, as a medieval hive, within the walls the community had everything necessary to live.