The Delta Nature Reserve

The Delta Nature Reserve is one of the most extensive wetlands of Mediterranean Europe. The Ebro Delta offers a setting of incomparable, unique and singular nature. A landscape of a great biological wealth that brings together a diversity of flora and fauna, invaluable.
With its 320 km2, it is the largest of the catalan lands aquatic habitat and represents an enclave of vital importance in the wetlands of the Mediterranean.

Its biological richness contrasts with the deep humanization and agricultural transformation of a large part of its surface.
Its importance is recognized internationally by top specialized agencies.
Undoubtedly, the possibilities are endless in the Delta del Ebro: routes with boats, unique photographic landscapes, ornithological sightings, sports and adventure.

Beaches Delta de l'Ebre

The Ebro River leaves behind a range of beaches </ em> natural and little crowded where tranquility reigns. Chilometric beaches to enjoy the sun and the sea. Familiar and quiet beaches surrounded by nature.