If you are interested / a in joining our team, we want to know you. Send your Curriculum Vitae to indicate in the subject BEING PART OF THE TEAM.

In the message body you should make a short presentation of yourself and tell us what position you would like to work: Kitchen – Room – Home – Extra – Massage – Cleaning – Other. We value each Curriculums what we receibed,  and we read them all. If you have the profile we are looking, we’ll call and make an appointment.

Practices and stages

In Villa Retiro we care about the formation of the future promises of the kitchen. Therefore, and always, Villa Retiro welcomes students in traineeship and stages  from Catalunya and rest of Spain, and the United States, England, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Cyprus, Venezuela, Greece, Poland, Argentina, Austria and Belgium among other countries.

These students (over 40 year) come to our establishment for training in the disciplines of the Restoration: kitchen and dinning room. His stage or training period lasts between two and six months depending on the agreement we have with the training center we sent him.