Spa – Wellness Hotel Villa Retiro

Enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing break at the Spa – Wellness Hotel Villa Retiro Monument & Spa.

The Hotel Villa Retiro Monument & Spa also offers the possibility of programs, is not necessary including food,
as a center of rest and relaxation.


PRICE 144€

✓ relaxing massage (30 minutes)

✓ spa (60 minutes)

✓ tasting menu

✓ price per person

*preu per persona


PRICE 188€

✓ relaxing massage (60 minutes)

✓ spa (60 minutes)

✓ tasting menu

✓ price per person


The use of the facilities of the Spa Zone must be made prior reservation at the hotel reception. To get effective treatment, it is recommended not to use the showers or any other service Spa until half an hour has elapsed (at least) from the end of treatment

Ayurvedic medicine treatments

Ayurveda (science of life) is a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of complementary medicine.

Massage that runs smoothly throughout the body, emphasizing the quality of contact, improving the mood and the emotional and sensitive balance of those who receive it. Heavy herbs, powders and oils such as sesame are used to help improve circulation.

Price: 75 euros + 10% vat

“Eastern wisdom and natural strength … the anti-stress balancing treatment” Ideal for “experts” in the universe Ayurvedic, it is a very specific massage that is carried out on the whole body with warm sacks composed of different natural substances and aromatic herbs. Also, depending on the constitution (dosha) of the person according to the Ayurvedic tradition, a sack or another is applied for its content, more according to each type: Pitta, Vata or Kapha. This massage has multiple benefits such as draining, reducing nervous tension, reactivating blood circulation and harmonizing the body, restoring the person’s health, beauty and well-being. The result is a sensitive, energetic and anti-stress massage.

Price: 85 euros + 10% vat

Oriental technique of Japanese origin consisting of a manual massage, which lies in making pressures with the big toes and palms, on the energy points and channels used in acupuncture, with the aim of harmonizing the energy of the body. In this massage the back and the back of the legs are worked. Strengthens the immune system, balances the nervous system and elevates the vital tone. It is also recommended for organic and emotional problems.

Price: 30 euros + 10% vat

Body Treatments

Discover our body treatments. Combat cellulite now , localized adiposity and flaccidity with the best aesthetic treatments from Terres de l’Ebre.

Manual massage performed with a neutral moisturizer. Both legs are worked from behind and in a relaxing manner.

Price: 35€ + 10% vat

According to experts of different therapies, our psychic and spiritual condition depends, more than any other part of the body, on the state of the spine. The best: the deep feeling of liberation that most of us feel when he receives an adequate and thorough massage on his back.

Price: 35€ + 10% vat

If there is any part of our body that deserves special attention, that is the foot. With just touching them gently you experience a general feeling of well-being and relaxation throughout the body.

Price: 35€ + 10% vat

Rosehip Oil generates various actions on the skin, such as rejuvenation, anti-wrinkles, anti-puffiness and blinkers; helps fight against skin aging. Progressively erase wrinkles and expression lines and generate luminosity and uniformity in the face that you are looking for when applying anti-wrinkle creams.

Price: 80€ + 10% vat

Beauty & Wellness

A set of modern facilities dedicated to aesthetics and relaxation through three pillars: Ayurvedic medicine, body and beauty treatments and the benefit of the water area.

Spa & Relax

The Spa of Hotel Villa Retreat is the space destined for sensations. That’s where the water, silence and nature come together to enable the well-being and restore body, mental and spiritual balance. If you want you can make use of our facilities without being staying at the hotel as a wellness center more. You can come alone or with family or friends, but whatever your choice, the experience will be very rewarding.

Wellness Center

In the Spa area you can enjoy a thermal circuit making a tour through the various water-related facilities. Water equipment combined with other thermal contrast. Heat causes a dilation of the vessels and the cold their constriction. It is why the combination of cold and heat is the best tonic to improve circulation.