More than a Homage Menu

1 michelin star restaurant

Our most complete Michelin star menu

In our restaurant, 1 Michelin star, at the Hotel Villa Retiro you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with our menu more than a tribute.

Aired beetroot bonbon, Picked stem, cod brandaole and caviar
White prawn tartar, it’s pure esence, creamy horseradish and mascarpone sauce and basil oil
Bloody Mary fake tomato
Brie cheese and black truffle

“Ilercavones” (Iberians): from VI BC century

Acorn Putted tart, chickpea, puree, grape essence, hare roastbeef
Creamy artichoke “panellet” and pine nuts
Charred celery, duck demi glace, and magret
Lentils spheres, iberian pork consommé, pig jowls, smoked eel

Romans: till the IV century

Escabeche Mussel own versions
“Delta” oyster with white garlic and yeast, black garlic emulsion.
Squid stew with it’s own, squid tartar, squid ink charred bread.
Wild herbs cream, manzanilla olives, kale textures and almonds.

Arabs: till the XII century

Tuna salad in a saffron cloud
Pistachio mousse, puffed wild rice, salmon eggs.
Goats cheese couscous and turmeric, carrot cream, orange and spices
Green asparagus creamy rice, termented lemon emulsion, sea nettles and sage.

Christians: till the XX century

Lobster steamed brioche, filled with lobbster corals emulsions.
Marinated monkfish, aged tomato sauce, dill.
Prawn, mushrooms and egg.
Sea cucumber “suquet” potato parmentier.


Fillet of beef tartar, charcoal grilled bone marrow, mousse, crispy tendons tuille with demi glace.
Our version of “tarta opera” with duck, puff pastry, thyme semicold, creamy foie and iced demi.
Hare sausage “ a la royale”, hare demi glace and raspberries.
Suckling iberian pig belly, onion “pil pil”, apple textures, Pedro Jimenez.
Pigeon breast, green bell pepper sauce, basil, pigeon and coffee demi glace.

Assortment of cheeses


Íberians: Cottage cheese honeycomb, with honey, walnut cream.
Romans: Raisin and nutmeg cookie, spices ice cream.
Arabs: Custard mille- feuille, spices, sesame praline. Strudel
Cristians: Crispy cinnamon roll, “Menjablanc” cream, red fruits, citrics.
Present: Delta del Ebro and Japan.

Water, artisenal breads and petit fours selections

€138 per person (all the table)
Wine pairing, €65 per person
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks not included.
VAT Included