More than a Homage Menu

1 michelin star restaurant

Our most complete Michelin star menu

In our restaurant, 1 Michelin star, at the Hotel Villa Retiro you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with our menu more than a tribute.


False truffled brie
Oyster, aged tomato, celery gel and pickled celery
Suflated cod skin, brandade, grapes and dill emulsion
Fran’s Olive Negroni

Sea ‘tocinillo’, prawn tartare, lime and creamy heads
Prawn cannelloni with Mediterranean touches; creamy horseradish, olives, pine nuts and capers
Prawn tail in two sequences, vanilla and American with rum burn

“Coca de recapte” with ash, tuna belly, smoked eggplant, roasted and pepper vinaigrette
Crispy tuna tendon puff, loin tartare, tuna spanish, fresh wasabi “cap i pota” of tuna, dried fruit emulsion, ginger air, arugula sprouts

Bocabit of marine pesto, salicornia and codium
Pickled pickle marshmallow, beef tendon popcorn, beef tenderloin tartar and foyot sauce
Rice from “(no) senyoret”

Crystal bread with tomato, piparras and smoked eel
Eel in “suc”
Garlic and eel pepper, low-temperature pork jowl and aniseed herb emulsion
Elvers al pil pil

Pularda consommé, porcini foam
To the bones of the duck to the ast; duck pil pil bone and potato chips, roasted duck sauce and magret carpaccio
Pigeon breast, Dutch coffee paris, grilled corn, cuitlacoche
Double-cooked pigeon thigh, demi glace, green asparagus vichyssoise

Artisan cheese assortment

The flower: Almond textures, orange blossom ice cream
The fruit: Lemon cream, mandarin, dill and mango sauce, kumqat chips and orange cream

Cocoa, vanilla, poblano chili and jalapenos atole
Carob and chocolate bar, wafers and yeast ice cream
Santa Teresa toast with cocoa, coffee and black truffle

Water, artisenal breads and petit fours selections

€148 per person (all the table)
Wine pairing, €80 per person
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks not included.
VAT Included