Since 2023 we produce our own 100% Arbequina oil, called MALAHIERBA.

MALAHIERBA” is a wild plant that grows in a controlled crop or in an unwanted place.
Our olive trees are cultivated with the idea of regenerative agriculture, respecting these weeds that may seem unwanted, taking advantage of them to drain the water from the dry land and thus bring this water to the olive trees. The impurity of these plants gives us the best purity, our MALAHIERBA oil.

MALAHIERBA is an oil that stands out for its complexity of flavors, well balanced between sweet and spicy with bitter undertones. Exquisite hints of almond, walnut and artichoke add a unique depth, making it perfect for enhancing and complementing the natural flavors of a wide variety of dishes. Ideal with fish, vegetables and salads, its versatility and sophistication make it an essential accompaniment to any cuisine.

The orchard

At Villa Retiro, our connection with nature and commitment to culinary excellence go hand in hand. As an integral part of this philosophy, we have an organic garden where we grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits. This garden is not only a source of fresh, top-quality ingredients for our prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant, but also serves as a valuable educational resource for our Cooking School.

Every ingredient we grow in our garden is carefully selected and cultivated with passion and dedication.
From tender spinach leaves to flavorful ripe tomatoes, each product is harvested at its optimal ripeness, ensuring maximum flavor and freshness in every dish we serve in our restaurant.

This close relationship between our orchard, Michelin restaurant and Cooking School reflects our commitment to sustainability, quality and innovation in gastronomy. It is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional culinary experiences, where every bite tells a story of passion for cooking and love for local and seasonal ingredients.