Classic Menu

1 michelin star restaurant

A menu tailored to your needs

In our restaurant, 1 Michelin star, at Hotel Villa Retiro you can enjoy a classic menu where you can enjoy the best cuisine of the Ebre Delta.

Welcome Appetizers
White shrimp

Mussels and cockles in citrus pickled sauce
Accompanied by a citrus peel dashi and different pickles.

Rico’s Breakfast
Truffled potato parmentier, Delta duck egg yolk, braised foie gras and
Cylinder of potato confit and fried potato, drizzled with meat reduction.

Mellow rice with beef and cuttlefish
Mellow rice with veal and cuttlefish, with veal carpaccio and emulsion of the
grilled bone marrow.

Asado strip steak with chimichurri from the Delta
Veal ribs in two cookings accompanied by our version of the
chimichurri making a tribute to the Indians of Xerta.

Fruit, cottage cheese and dried fruits and nuts

And the chocolate one

Water, homemade breads and selection of mini candy cart

66 per person
(complete table)
Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and coffee not included
V.A.T. included