Classic Menu

1 michelin star restaurant

A menu tailored to your needs

In our restaurant, 1 Michelin star, at Hotel Villa Retiro you can enjoy a classic menu where you can enjoy the best cuisine of the Ebre Delta.

Welcome Appetizer

Aired beetroot bonbon, Picked stem, cod brandaole and caviar

White prawn tartar, it’s pure esence, creamy horseradish and mascarpone sauce and basil oil

Bloody Mary fake tomato

Brie cheese and black truffle

Ecologic tomato salad, cherry and lime vinaigrette, purple shiso sorbet and
creamy Perfecto goat’s cheese sauce

Low temperature cooked Roast beef with Lagavulin, tuna belly sauce from
L’Ametlla de Mar, capers and pickled chili peppers

Duck and corn feed chicken cannelloni with truffle bechamel sauce

Saffron rice with Delta del l’Ebre seafood, kalamata olives and rocket

Watermelon and basil Daiquiri

Our Comtesa ice cream version

Water, artisenal breads and petit fours selections

66 per person
(complete table)
Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and coffee not included
V.A.T. included